Enterprise POS

A central restaurant Point of Sale system to manage all your outlets.


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Better Visibility, Better Control

Serve your customers a great experience across all your outlets. Manage everything from a single platform. Stop theft,
by assigning roles and access control.

Enterprise-Wide Reports To Know What's
Actually Going On In Your Business

A simple, personalised reporting dashboard for new insights on all aspects of your business. Whether it's sales, enterprise-wide performance or customer


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"I have tried 46 POS systems before settling down with LimeTray's POS. They solve massive problems for the restaurant industry and are the best technology partner you can get."

Kabir Jeet Singh

Founder, Burger Singh

Enterprise POS Features

  • Cloud Based Speed
    Store all your data across outlets securely on the cloud. Work safer and faster
  • Actionable Reports via Email
    Track all your outlet’s data and derive insights through automated dashboards
  • Restaurant Marketing
    Retain customers with a system designed to drive repeat visits
  • Operates Offline
    Available in an offline mode in case of power failure, with data backups restored on going online
  • Support
    Get access to a 24*7 live-chat support system to ensure that your business is always running
  • Staff Tracking Module
    Track your staff activity and get insights on their performance

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From LimeTray's Enterprise Blog

Using POS as a central system at your restaurant

Your restaurant POS system is the brain of your restaurant - it powers your restaurant’s operations, marketing, analytics, CRM and more. It is a single central system, that ensures that it is linked to all the important arms of your restaurant. All the major features like conducting sale transactions to other activities like inventory management or customer engagement – all this can be supported by a single, comprehensive restaurant POS system.

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How to choose a mobile POS system for your restaurant

The mobile restaurant POS system is a POS system that can run on mobile. It essentially is a POS system that can be used on the go. It can run on multiple operating systems - an Android tablet or an iPad system. A handheld POS system helps make the whole order processing framework easier and smoother. How? With the help of a handheld POS system, the server is now able to tend to multiple tables in quick succession, no problem.

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7 Ways your cloud restaurant POS can help you save money

Restaurants today rely on POS because of its completeness in terms of all its major features. Be it the operations, analytics, integrations or the high level of automation that it provides. You must now be wondering – all that’s good but how does one save money through a Restaurant POS system? Here we have listed some ways in which a POS helps in increasing productivity and in turn reducing costs at your restaurants.

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More on Enterprise POS

Perhaps one of the key areas of restaurant management at an enterprise level is centrally managing the entire business. With the help of a cloud POS you can oversee the operations of all your outlets simultaneously. You can even make changes across all your outlets with the click of a button.

Cloud POS helps in the following:
1. Tracking order status across outlets.
2. Making changes to the menu across outlets.
3. Accessing analytics and key data, real-time.

With larger volumes of data coming into the systems today, data management is something that restaurants must cater to. Cloud POS systems ensure that client data stays safe and secure.

1. Data is stored on remote servers.
2. Data is encrypted to protect it from getting stolen or misused.
3. Data is stored on the cloud.
4. Data can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have access to your online credentials.

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