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Start off on the right note with an online table reservation system. Use a handheld POS and Kitchen display system to serve a smooth guest experience. Manage billing anad inventory. Connect customers data to Loyalty programs and SMS campaigns. All on a single platform.

Simple Restaurant Reports To Know What's
Actually Going On In Your Business

A personzlised reporting dashborad for new insights on every aspects of your business. Whether it's sales, cafe-wise performance or customer


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"LimeTray's restaurant POS system allows us to be on top of multiple restaurant operations, be it billing and invoicing, data management, order tracking or CRM integrations. All on a single platform."

Anukul Chandok

owner of Dana Choga

Fine Dining POS Features

  • Cloud Based Intelligence
    Lightning fast order management with a cloud POS that backs up data, and also operates offline
  • Lightweight
    No more multiple trips back and forth. Take orders as they come and keep up the energy of a busy service
  • End-To-End
    Fire tickets directly to the kitchen, in real time. Stand back and watch orders fly
  • Anti-Theft
    Save upto 3-4% of your annual turnover by having a complete anti-theft enabled POS
  • All Operations Under One System
    Order taking, Order management, Billing and Kitchen management - your restaurant management system will do it all
  • Done In A Few Clicks
    Clean design and less windows make navigation easy. Embedded video guides means staff train themselves, fast

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From LimeTray's Fine Dining Blog

Restaurant POS technology trends for 2019

The aim of a POS system is simple – ease the operations process helping you with oft-recurring tasks. And be a central data gathering engine that brings together customer and operations data in meaningful ways. Keeping up with upcoming POS technology trends is hence very important. We are excited to see some interesting features coming into the world of restaurant POS technology, in 2019.

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12 Benefits of an Android POS system you should be aware of

Android POS systems help to make the functioning of the entire restaurant more smooth. Restaurant owners need to make sure that the flow of functions is organized. Having a restaurant POS is going will help you achieve a lot more.

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Using POS as a central system at your restaurant

Your restaurant POS system is much more than just a cash register. It is a central system, one that is intricately linked with the other arms of your restaurant. Be it the major features like conducting sale transactions to other activities like inventory management or customer engagement – all this can be supported by a single, comprehensive restaurant POS system.

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More on Fine Dining POS

Dine POS software is equipped with the needed tools to assist fine-dine outlets and provide their clients with a great experience. All the important steps ranging from accepting a table reservation, identifying all the guests for the floor staff, manning customer order histories, making sure that order tracking process is accurate, pre-scheduling and on-time scheduling for quick order delivery, accepting and analyzing customer feedback and offering multiple payment modules - all comprise of a holistic approach in improving the customer experience.

Dine POS enables managers and staff to stay on top of the inventory management process.

1. Material and Recipe management - As data coming into your restaurant POS gets stored on remote and reputed servers, your kitchen/restaurant data is now safer than ever. Legacy POS systems on the other hand store data on local servers.
2. Vendor and Tax management - Helps declare multiple vendors and all that you are procuring from them. Added to this, Dine POS software also helps you track taxes.
3. Multiple Outlet management - When you run multiple restaurant outlets and base kitchens, having a complete POS helps you manage the change in stock (Opening - Closing stock) and also the transfers in between.
4. Audit and Waste tracking - Dine POS software helps you connect with your inventory in real-time. This way, you are kept updated at all times with regards to the inventory levels, daily wastage and so on.

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