POS For Small Restaurants

A POS system designed for small restaurants. Just the features you need. No more, no less.


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Simplify Operations

Manage all your delivery, third party and offline orders automatically on your POS. Manage billing, inventory, and your
restaurant marketing effortlessly.

Simple Restaurants Reports To Know What's
Actually Going On In Your Business.

Get real-time insights on your restaurant through personalised reporting dashboards. Be it sales, business performance or customer

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"I check data on our outlet performance every day through the dashboard and reports. LimeTray has made our life so much easier."

Ankur Madan

co-founder of Burgrill

Small Restaurant POS Features

  • Cloud Based Speed
    Store customer data across outlets securely on the cloud. Keeps your data safe and secure
  • Actionable Reports via Email
    Track all your outlet’s data and derive insights through automated dashboards
  • Restaurant Marketing
    Engage your customers with a system designed to drive repeat visits
  • Operates Offline
    Available in an offline mode in case of power failure, with data backups restored on going online
  • Support
    A 24x7 real-time live-chat support makes sure your business is always up & running
  • Multiple Modes Of Payment
    Accept all major payment modes like cash, card, gift cards and loyalty programs

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From LimeTray's Small Restaurant Blog

Cloud V Traditional POS - Decoded.

A Cloud restaurant POS system is a modern-day POS system that runs on the Internet. It allows the user to pull data from remote servers (and not local servers as in the case of Traditional POS systems). The only requirement is that you need to have an active internet connection. Cloud restaurant POS systems are not only billing and operations devices. They do much more than just printing KOTs or managing receipts against orders.

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How to choose a mobile POS system for your restaurant

In simple words, a mobile restaurant POS system is a handheld POS device. Typically this is either an Android tablet or an iPad system. A handheld POS system makes the whole order processing framework faster and smoother. How? With a handheld POS system, the server is able to tend to multiple tables in quick succession. No need to move back and forth to the POSsystem, that is typically placed in one corner of the restaurant.

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Using POS as a central system at your restaurant

POS is not just a billing machine but a central system that powers the entire restaurant. It takes care of your everyday operations. A POS is historically known to be a system that manages your cash, sales transactions, and accounts. The modern-day POS does a lot more for you. Activities like inventory management, loyalty, feedback management, and customer relationship management – all of it can be supported by the modern-day restaurant POS system.

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More on Enterprise POS

A Restaurant cash register was pretty much in vogue before the advent of the POS system. Restaurant operators kept track of information, customer data and payments manually on paper. As restaurants became bigger, they saw the need for improving management (make the processes more scalable), cash control needs became more evolved. It was then that the restaurant cash register came into being. The major function of a cash register was to help operators keep track of the amount of cash that was put into the register, a kind of a proxy for how much was being earned. And it would help record if cash was taken out.

A POS system, on the other hand, can do pretty much everything that the restaurant cash register does, and a lot more. Its primary features include advanced data management, third party integrations, CRM & Loyalty management, analytics, and reporting. A POS system thus is pivotal for restaurant management and central to the technology requirements of the restaurant.

With more and more data coming into the picture, data storage and security are new concerns that restaurants must cater to. You might have seen in your everyday lives that companies and individuals alike are making use of services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, and the likes. Data stored in the cloud is in a special encrypted form.

Restaurant management has to not only keep data secure but also use data to make more informed decisions (planning and analysis). For this reason, data is important and Cloud POS helps keep data safe. Read more -

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